Principal's Message

Mr Reeves
August 10, 2020

Dear Middle School Parents:

I hope this letter finds everyone well.  The spectrum of opinions about how to and how not to conduct school is broad.  As we started considering this school year last May, we hoped to have students in our buildings.  We have had the mission statement of Every Student, Every Day for several years now, and little did we know how poignant those words would become.  Our hybrid schedule of AM and PM groups and A and B days is far from ideal, but does give us a chance to live our mission.  Hopefully we can keep our students and staff as safe as possible while teaching in person.

The goal of this communication is to try to answer some practical questions about what this is going to look like when students enter the building on Monday, August 24.  I will send additional information about the educational aspects later.

Open House/Meet the Teacher will be virtual this year.  We will create videos so students can meet their teachers without a large crowd gathering.  Teachers will be developing this during their time back and we will share it before school starts.

Athletic Physicals are handled through the PRIVIT system now.  You can download an app for your Smartphones.  This all needs to be complete by the first day of practice.  For volleyball, that will be Tuesday, August 18 at the Intermediate School at 4:30.  For cross country and football, that will be Monday, August 24 at 4:30.  Here is a link to PRIVIT:

Immunizations for 8th graders need to be turned in as soon as possible.  We do know that appointments are more challenging this summer, but please contact our school nurse Michelle Morris at to let her know your student’s status if you cannot have these complete by August 24.  You can email completed immunization documentation to her as well.

School supplies will be similar to past years’ lists.  Obviously asking for items like Clorox wipes was much more feasible last summer than it is this summer.  If you cannot get all these items, do not panic.  We may have to make adjustments as the year begins.  Supply lists:

Schedules are being finalized by Ms. Janis and were emailed home over the weekend.  In that email, she gave a good description of the daily schedule as well.  Basically, students start and end in the same place every day, Rise and Shine.  They attend hours 1, 2, and, 3 on A days and hours 4, 5, and, 6 on B days.

Chromebooks will be assigned to all students, so they can take them home each day.  AM and PM students will receive these on the first day of school.

Students using Launch can pick up their Chromebooks from the building on Thursday, August 20, or Friday, August 21.  Remember Launch begins on 8/24 as well.

School Pictures will be on Friday, September 4, for both the AM and the PM sessions.  Virtual students can come to the building at 4:00 PM that day to get their pictures taken as well.

Masks will be worn by students and staff when they cannot safely social distance six feet.  In other words, they will be on most of the time.  Some classes may require them at all times.  These should cover both the nose and mouth.  We do have some masks in case students forget, but students should provide their own clean mask each day.  When students do remove them, they should use the loops and not touch the face guard.

Cleaning will go on throughout the day.  Our custodians will be following their procedures, but this will take the efforts of all.  It starts with students washing their hands and using hand sanitizer, which will be available in each classroom.  Teachers will also spray down classroom surfaces as much as possible and particularly between AM and PM sessions.

Lockers will still be assigned, but students are allowed to take their backpacks to class.  Students will only have three-minute passing times to avoid gathering in the hallways.

Breakfast will be a grab-and-go for AM students.  They will get this from the cafeteria and eat it in Rise.  We are working on a logistical way for PM students to grab breakfast while they are here.

AM Lunch will begin in Shine when students will go to the cafeteria and get a hot grab-and-go lunch to take back to their Shine classes.  Once it is 11:00, car-riders and walkers can leave the building.  Bus-riders will wait in Shine for their buses to arrive.

PM Lunch will begin for bus-riders as soon as they arrive.  They can pick up their hot grab-and-go lunch and eat in their Rise classes.

Parent Drop-Off will be similar to the past.  Parents can use the half-circle drive in front of the school, 7:15 for AM students and 12:15 for PM students.

Parent Pick-Up will be different because buses will stagger their drop offs rather than line up in front of the school.  Parents can use the half-circle drive in front of the school, 11:00 for AM and 4:00 for PM.

Again, I will be sending more information about educational aspects at a later date.  This communication is more about structural elements.  If there are questions you still have, please submit those in the form below so we can gather them and answer them in a single FAQ document.  Form link:

I look forward to seeing all of you whenever that may be.  I wish everyone a healthy and safe August.  I know we are looking forward to the 24th!

Greg Reeves, Principal