Principal's Message

Mr Greg Reeves
Dear Middle School Parents:
Second semester is underway with students in some new electives classes and working with different teachers.  The new year means new learning. Math classes are learning about slope-intercept form, geography discusses supply and demand in an economic system, ELA features the influence of Greek mythology in language and literature, while science pursues what makes an element and how to determine its atomic components.
During January we begin to plan for the upcoming school year.   Early in the month, PHHS counselors visit our eighth-grade guidance classes to orient them as to how high school enrollment works.  They will learn about the requirements for earning diplomas over the next four years. It’s hard to believe that in less than a semester this group will be freshmen.
Students in ELA and math have already been taking benchmark assessments for content standards for several years.  This year science and social studies are beginning to use this system to track data from their assessments as well.   In February the students will take FASTbridge, the skills assessment, which drives our reading fluency practice in advisory each day.  The results of these skills assessments will allow teachers to further refine planning for instruction. The students will again take benchmark tests in the March.
Wrestling concluded successfully before winter break, and boys’ and girls’ basketball finish their seasons on Friday, January 18.  Track and field is just around the corner in March. Student Council will again sponsor the valentine’s fundraiser for charity. Students can send a valentine and lollipop to a classmate for one dollar.  The middle school will host its winter dance on Friday, February 8 from 6:00-8:00 PM. February will also bring a performance of the musical Mary Poppins on February 22 and 23 at the high school.
The semester will be full of educational activities and opportunities for students!
Greg Reeves, Principal