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Mr Reeves

Principal's Message

PHMS Families and Students:

I can only imagine the amount of information being sent to you each week.  I promise that we are trying to keep everyone informed of the latest developments without overloading everyone’s inbox.  Dr. Meyers’ email last week stated that, with an indefinite extension of learning at home, middle school students will move from a maintenance plan to a recovery mode.  It stated that would begin 3/30, but this week was intended for the second week of maintenance. I apologize for the conflicting information.

Beginning the week of 4/6, students will be able to raise their third quarter grades.  This is an opportunity for all. Since we only attended four school days into the fourth quarter, the students’ third quarter grades more accurately define their progress in those classes.  In the chart below, it is the third quarter grade that determines how many assignments they need to do to increase their grades. Their current third-quarter grade is the category they stay in throughout the process.  Teachers will post about one assignment a week over topics they have covered in the third quarter or before.
MUST DO-Tiers of Opportunity
Third quarter grade was...
D or F (0-69%)
C (70-79%)
A or B (80-100%)
Complete 8 replacement assignments
Complete 6 replacement assignments
Complete 4 replacement assignments
All students who want to raise their grades would complete the first four assignments.  Then all students below 80% would do the next two, and then all students below 70% would complete the final two.

CAN DO-Enrichment
These can be completed by any student for additional learning but will not affect the students’ grades.
Teachers will post about one of these a week as well.  These may include new concepts that go beyond the third quarter.

The middle school will send home a weekly document that will include the instruction and assignments for each class.  If students have individual questions about classes or assignments, they should contact their teachers.

Remember that each replacement assignment will affect each student’s grade differently because they are all starting from different places.  The notion is that students complete the entire assignment series for which their grade qualifies them, not just assignments here or there.

Families without internet access will have one final pick up for the year on Monday 4/6.  This will be at the high school from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Again this will be everything for the rest of the year.  Once you complete work on paper, contact your teacher about how to submit it.  If you are unable to contact teachers, they will be calling to check on you.

We thank you for your patience as we move through this learning experience for all involved.  Parents have always been our partners in education, but these circumstances have given you a larger role.  We welcome the chance to work with you to let learning continue.

Please be safe and keep your family well.