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Mr Reeves

Principal's Message


Dear Middle School Parents and Guardians:

This letter will help explain how parent teacher conferences will look this fall.  We have changed many of our procedures and processes to be safe yet to maintain student learning.  Conferences will also look different as you might imagine.  All conferences will be invitation only, so we will not have a sign-up application as we have in the past.  Teachers will contact parents and guardians of those students who we have designated are in the greatest need for conferences.

All students will create a student-led presentation to share with parents and guardians whether an in-person conference is held or not.  This will be a Google Slides presentation that includes all of their classes with artifacts and comments from each course.  This will be completed by students with guidance from their instructors.

During an in-person conference, the student and parent will come during their designated time and the student will present the slide show to their parents and guardians while a teacher or teachers facilitate.  For students who do not have an in-person conference, the slide show will still be shared with parents and guardians for students to explain at home.

All parents and guardians can call or email teachers at any time to discuss concerns they have about their student whether they are formally invited to conferences or not.
Greg Reeves, Principal