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Principal's Message

Middle School Students and Parents:
Welcome back to all students.  Our two weeks went by quickly learning new routines, new names, and new locker combinations.  Many students and parents attended the middle school’s open house the night before school started, which hopefully alleviated some first-day jitters.  Thank you to families who stopped by on Monday, August 13.
Last week students took the first of four FastBridge assessments in ELA and math.  The formative assessments give teachers information about students’ skills in these areas.  This data can then be used to make instruction align with the students’ abilities. This year in advisory students have been learning a reading fluency activity that will be used each day to track improvement.  Each week students will receive a passage at their level, will practice reading it each day, and then record the results on a chart and graph. Students in PLTW science classes are already experimenting; eighth graders are testing different ways to make ice cream freeze.
During the next few months, students will be preparing for student-led conferences in October by gathering data on their learning.  This year those conferences will be conducted with their advisory teacher in a classroom. In these conferences, students lead their parents through their progress folder while their advisory teacher facilitates.  Additionally, parents can opt for a traditional conference where they can meet with an individual teacher.
Our fall athletic seasons begin soon.  Volleyball and cross country have their first contests on September 6.  Football begins the following week at home on September 11. That night is also a home volleyball game.  Retired or active military servicemen and women and first responders will be admitted to the volleyball or football contest free on September 11.
We wish all our educational community a successful fall and are excited about starting the year with the seventh and eighth graders.
Greg Reeves, Principal