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Dear Middle School Parents:
Second semester is well underway with students in some new electives classes and working with different teachers.  During January we begin to plan for the upcoming school year.  Early in the month, PHMS held a four-year planning night for eighth-grade parents and students.  The evening allows families to become familiar with scheduling high school classes and with graduation requirements.  Since that time, the eighth grade has put in its course requests for next year’s high school schedule.  It’s hard to believe that in less than a semester this group will be freshmen.
Students in ELA and math have already been utilizing the DnA achievement test for content standards; in February they will add FASTbridge, the skill component.  The results of these skills assessments will allow teachers to further refine planning for instruction.  The students will again take the DnA benchmark tests in the spring.
Science students will be working through new Project Lead the Way units this semester.  The seventh graders have begun with the power of flight, designing hot air balloons.  Eighth graders will make ice cream and glue and learn about oil spill clean up.  Seventh-grade geography students will participate in a snack exchange with students from England.  This activity will allow them to share their own culture while learning about another first-hand.
Student Council will again sponsor the valentine’s fundraiser for the leukemia and lymphoma society.  Students can send a valentine and lollipop to a classmate for one dollar.  The middle school will host its winter dance on February 9 from 6:00-8:00 PM.  March will bring the variety show, which will feature PHMS students and their performance talents.  This will perform at the high school on the evenings of March 2 and 3.  Winter sports have concluded, but track and field is just around the corner in March.
The semester will be full of educational activities and opportunities for students!
Greg Reeves, Principal


Latest News

PHYRE students take field trip to Burns and McDonnell

PHYRE students take field trip To Burns and McDonnell after invitation due to their participation in Battle of the Brains. They listened to a presentation by International Space Station astronaut, Col. Jack Fischer.
PHYRE students take field trip

Positive School Climate encourages Staff at Students

Positive School Climate is a student group who works together to create a positive school environment. Students come up with ideas and projects that will spread happiness and kindness to the entire school. This year we have decorated rocks for outside, made "3-minute cool down boxes" for all the classrooms, designed positive flags to be hung around the school and still have many projects yet to come.
Positive School Climate encourages staff and students